PunchOut, PO, and Invoice integration FAQs

With a Quartzy PunchOut, Lab Managers can save a significant amount of time and money otherwise spent in copying and pasting the information on order items, purchase orders, and invoices across Quartzy and an e-procurement system. 

Read below to find answers to frequently asked questions about Quartzy's PunchOut, PO, and Invoice cXML integrations! 

User guides for enabling and using these features can be found here:


Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting


After I start a new PunchOut session, why am I prompted to the login page sometimes? 

This is expected, as all users must have a Quartzy user account in order to access the Quartzy Shop. Due to security reasons, one is prompted to log in if they have not been active for 7 days. In addition, Quartzy also expires the user's login session after 30 days. For the vast majority of users, if they have already logged in once in the last 7 days, they will be taken directly to their Quartzy lab when they initiate a new PunchOut session. 


Can I use the PunchOut as a Lab Member?

Only Lab Admins are able to place orders, including PunchOut orders. See the articles below for more details: 


How do I know if I am in an active PunchOut session? 

During an active PunchOut session, a banner will be displayed at the top of all Quartzy pages that reads PunchOut: [Company/Institution Name]

punchout end session.png


Why am I seeing a "Your PunchOut session is configured incorrectly" error message? 

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 3.29.14 PM.png

If you see this message, please reach out to support@quartzy.com,

and the Quartzy team will get you sorted! 


How can I exit a PunchOut session? 

To end a PunchOut session, click the End Session button in the upper right corner.

Your PunchOut session will be terminated, but you will remain on your Quartzy page and no longer see the PunchOut Session banner. 

punchout end session.png


Why do I see a Mark Ordered or Checkout button in my lab's shopping cart instead of a Submit Purchase Request button? 

The PunchOut session is not active unless you see a PunchOut banner at the top of the page, and a Submit Purchase Request button in the shopping cart. If you see a Mark Ordered or Checkout button in your lab's shopping cart instead of Submit Purchase Request, double check that Punchouts are enabled in your lab, and that you began your punchout session from your marketplace/e-procurement system instead of from Quartzy directly. 


How can I cancel an order placed via PunchOut? 

If your order has been assigned a confirmation number (starts with QY), please follow the instructions in the following user-guide to send a cancellation request for each line item that you'd like to cancel: Cancel a Quartzy order

Note that this does not guarantee a cancellation. A member of the Quartzy team will reach out via email when the item(s) has been confirmed as cancelled. 


How do credit memos work with punchouts?

At this time, credit memos for Quartzy orders are not sent via cXML, and will be emailed as a PDF. To apply your lab’s credit to an open invoice, contact Quartzy’s Accounts Receivables Team at ar@quartzy.com or 855-782-7899 ext 3 with the following information:

  • Lab Name
  • Credit amount you’d like to apply 
  • Invoice number(s)
  • Credit memo # or a copy of the credit memo document


Does Quartzy provide advanced shipment notice? 

Not at this time, but it's something we're considering for the future! For now, you can easily check the status of any item in your Quartzy lab. Here's how: Check the status of a Quartzy Order


How do I use a credit card to pay for an order placed via punchout? 

If an order is placed via a punchout session, the invoice for that order can be paid using a credit card (once the invoice is available). Save the credit card to your profile in Quartzy (here’s how: Save a credit card to your Quartzy account), then call or email Quartzy’s Accounts Receivables Team at ar@quartzy.com or 855-782-7899 ext 3 with the following information: 

  • Lab Name 
  • Invoice # 
  • Last 4 digits of the credit card to charge 


How can I include shipping and handling fees in the purchase order?

At this time, S&H costs are not included when syncing a cart from Quartzy to your procurement system. An estimate of all applicable S&H costs for a Quartzy order will be displayed in your lab's Shopping Cart (more on this here: View a breakdown of shipping costs). 
After the order is fulfilled, the final S&H charges are provided in the invoice, which is transferred via cXML to your procurement system. You can learn more about shipping and handling fees for Quartzy orders in the following help article: Understanding Quartzy's shipping fees 


Does Quartzy send UNSPSC codes? 

Quartzy uses the 41120000 UNSPSC code for all items, which is the code for Lab Supplies and fixtures


Where can I find Quartzy's logo or vendor tile to add to my Procurement System? 

Please use the image below to create a Quartzy vendor tile in your procurement system: 



Can I combine carts from multiple Quartzy labs into a single Purchase Order?

At this time, separate Purchase Orders must be sent for each individual Quartzy lab. Carts/requisitions from 2+ Quartzy labs cannot be combined into a single Purchase Order. 


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