Understanding Quartzy's Shipping Fees

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Quartzy understands that predictable and transparent shipping fees are important for your lab to be able to make the best purchasing decisions possible. That’s why we charge shipping fees according to a comprehensive matrix based on item category groups. 

Our aim is to simplify shipping costs and ensure consistency across our extensive range of over 10 million life science products, which ship to you from our own two warehouses, as well as over 300 of our trusted supplier partners.

  • For orders below $199, a flat shipping fee applies based on the item category group(s) and required shipping methods
  • For orders exceeding $199, ground shipping fees are waived

By default, most items are shipped using ground shipping. However, certain items are required to ship 2-day or overnight due to storage requirements or the policy of a particular supplier partner. When you proceed to the checkout process, you may also have the option to choose a 2-day or overnight shipping method for eligible items shipping from our warehouses or select supplier partners. These 2-day and overnight shipping costs are not eligible to be waived. 

In addition to shipping fees, certain items may incur handling fees on a per item basis. These fees cover expenses such as dry ice, hazardous materials handling, and licensing requirements. We want to ensure complete transparency, so the specific handling fees associated with individual items will be clearly communicated during the checkout process.


Fee Matrix
Below is the matrix that outlines the flat shipping fees for each item category group:

Category Standard Shipping (Ground) 2-Day Shipping Overnight Shipping
Cells/Cell Lines & Tissues/Organs $19 $29 $49
Chemicals & Biologics $9 $24 $39
Consumables, Equipment Accessories & Replacement Parts, Handheld Instruments, Filtration, Office, Safety & Cleaning, Storage $14 $39 $74
Kits $14 $24 $39
Benchtop & Floor Equipment $49 $79 $149
Miscellaneous $19 $29 $49



What if my order contains multiple items belonging to the same category?
You will only be charged a single flat rate fee associated with that category group. For example, if your order contains 3 chemicals that ship ground, you will only be charged a single $9 shipping fee for the entire order.

What happens if one item on my order has to ship overnight, but all other items ship ground? Will I be charged two separate fees for the same category group?
We prioritize the “fastest” method for a given category group. If your order includes multiple chemicals and one of them requires overnight shipping, you will only be charged the $39 overnight fee. This does not mean that all items on the order will ship overnight — we will just charge the single fee for your convenience.

What happens if my order contains items from multiple category groups?
If your order contains items from different category groups, each category group’s flat fee will be combined. For example, if you purchase a kit ($14 shipping), a chemical ($9 shipping), and a consumable ($14 shipping) on a single order, your total shipping fee would be $37. 

I placed an order for >$199 and was still charged for shipping. Why?
Only standard shipping fees are eligible to be waived from your shipping total. Handling fees, 2-day shipping, and overnight shipping fees will never be waived. 

An item in my cart is labeled as “miscellaneous” but clearly belongs to a certain category group that is also already in my cart. Can you waive the "miscellaneous" shipping fee for me?
Yes. The "miscellaneous" label is used on items that are not assigned to a category in our system. If you run into any uncategorized or incorrectly categorized items in your cart, please feel free to reach out to orders@quartzy.com and we will make any necessary adjustments for you.

Why can’t I add overnight shipping to certain items in my cart?
Most items that ship directly from Quartzy’s warehouses are eligible to be upgraded to 2-day or overnight shipping in the cart. If you do not see a 2-day or overnight option in the cart, we may still be able to expedite the item for you — we will just need to check stock with the item’s supplier before we can adjust your order. Please reach out to orders@quartzy.com with any questions about expedited shipping and we will get back to you ASAP.


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