How to purchase via Quartzy PunchOut

With a Quartzy PunchOut integration, Lab Managers can save a significant amount of time and money otherwise spent in copying and pasting the information on order items, purchase orders, and invoices across Quartzy and an e-procurement system. 

Read below to see how to add requests (Members) or place orders (Admins) using Quartzy PunchOut! 


Lab Admins - how to submit an order for approval using Quartzy PunchOut

1. Log in to your e-procurement system, and navigate to the approved vendors page. Click on the Quartzy tile


2. You'll be redirected to your Quartzy account if you're logged in, or to the Quartzy login page if you're not currently logged in. Once logged into Quartzy, you'll see a PunchOut Session banner at the top of your page.

Navigate to your lab's shopping cart. 

punchout cart.png

3. Review the items and order summary in your lab's shopping cart, and click the Submit Purchase Request button to automatically create the same Cart in your e-procurement system.  


4. On the next page, click the Return to Procurement System button. You can now submit this newly created Cart from Quartzy for approval in your e-procurement system. 


Purchase Orders

Once the cart is approved, if your organization has a Purchase Order cXML integration, your e-procurement system will automatically generate a Purchase Order and sync it to Quartzy for fulfillment. The associated requests in Quartzy will auto-populate with the Purchase Order number! 


If your organization does not have a Purchase Order integration with Quartzy, email your Purchase Order to


If your organization has an Invoice cXML integration, the invoice will be automatically synced to your procurement system once available. The invoice number will auto-populate on the associated requests as well (clicking the link will download the invoice pdf).


If your organization does not have an Invoice cXML integration, you'll receive invoices via email - they'll also be available for download in your Quartzy lab's Purchase History section. Remittance information can be found on each invoice. 



Lab Members - how to add Requests 

Starting from Quartzy

Follow any of the processes in the guides below to add a request in your Quartzy lab: 

Starting from your e-procurement system 

Log in to your e-procurement system, and navigate to the approved vendors page. Click on the Quartzy tile


Once in Quartzy, follow the "Starting from Quartzy" instructions. 


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