Lab Admin vs. Lab Member privileges explained

There are two different user roles within a lab - Lab Admins and Lab Members. Each role has different permissions within each of Quartzy's modules. Take a look at those differences below! 



Lab Admin


Lab Member

Lab setting: Everyone can edit

Lab Member

Lab setting: Admins and Owners can edit

Add Item Y Y Y
Edit Item owned by them Y Y Y
Edit Item owned by someone else Y Y N
Add/edit Location Y Y Y
Add/edit Type Y Y Y
Add/edit Vendor Y Y Y
Delete Item Y Y N
Delete Location Y Y N
Delete Type Y Y N
Delete Vendor Y Y N


Action Lab Admin Lab Member
Add request Y Y
Add request for another member Y N
Approve request Y Y*
Mark request as Ordered Y N
Mark request as Received Y Y
Revert request to previous status Y N
Cancel request Y Y
Delete request Y N
Edit requests in Approved status submitted by themselves  Y Y
Edit requests in any status submitted by any member Y N

*Members can approve requests when an approval step is created (by an Admin) with them as the approver. 


Quartzy Shop and Quotes

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email


Action Lab Admin Lab Member
Search the Shop Y Y
Request from the Shop Y Y
Accept a Quartzy quote on an item they requested Y Y
Accept a Quartzy quote on any item Y N

Complete a purchase


Add an item to the lab's shopping cart 

     Y        N

Remove an item from the lab's shopping cart

     Y        N

Next Up: Learn how to promote someone to Lab Admin


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