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It's easy to add users to your Lab, promote additional Admins, and remove users when they leave the lab. The instructions below outline how to do each of those actions.

First, on the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name and then click the gear icon to select the lab where you want to make changes.


Invite Members

1. Choose the Members tab. 


2. Click the Invite button.


Important: Only Admins can invite users as Admins to a lab.

3. Enter an email address in the first Invitees field. Select from the dropdown if the new user should be invited as a Member or an Admin (see the difference here: Lab Admin vs. Lab Member privileges explained). 



4. Click Add another member to invite more users simultaneously. Click Send invitations, and each user will receive an email invitation to join the Lab. Each invited user will occupy a seat in the Organization. 



Edit User Role

1. From the Manage Labs section, choose the Members tab of the Lab you'd like to make changes in.


2. Users are listed alphabetically by their first name. Find the user on the list and click the drop-down to select their role (Admin or Member). 

TIP: We strongly recommend always having more than one Admin in a Lab. 


Remove Members

1. From the Manage Labs section, choose the Members tab of the Lab you'd like to make changes in.


2. Lab users are listed alphabetically by their first name. Hover over the row for the member you want to remove, and click the "X" to the far right. 

3. In the confirmation window, click Remove member

Important: Removing a user from a Lab does not remove them from their seat in the Organization. An Org Admin must remove the user from the Organization as well, in order to free up that user's seat. Here's how: Manage Organization Users


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