Purchase from Quartzy at Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) using PunchOut

Quartzy is an approved vendor and has a PunchOut integration with BCH! 

Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to purchase from Quartzy through PeopleSoft (E-Marketplace), and scroll down to find additional resources at the bottom of this page.

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New users: how to join Quartzy

In order to use the Quartzy PunchOut, you'll need a Quartzy user account.

If you don't already have a Quartzy user account, take the following steps: 

  • Log in to BCH PeopleSoft, and navigate to the approved vendors page. Select the Quartzy vendor tile. 
  • You'll land on the Quartzy login page. Select Sign up and follow the remaining steps on this guide: How to join Quartzy

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  • Once your registration is complete, you can start placing orders! Follow the steps below to place your order via PunchOut.

How to purchase from Quartzy with BCH PunchOut

Lab Admins: 

Users who have access to BCH PeopleSoft can complete PunchOut transactions in Quartzy labs where they are a Lab Admin.

1. Log in to PeopleSoft, and navigate to the approved vendors page. Select the Quartzy vendor tile/link. 


Note: you may need to allow pop-ups from your procurement system to allow the Quartzy PunchOut to open.  

2.  You'll be redirected to your Quartzy account if you're already logged in.

If you're logging in for the first time, or it's been more than 30 days since your last login, you'll be directed to the Quartzy login page. Login here with your Quartzy credentials, and you should remain logged into Quartzy for one month. 

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 12.47.51 PM.png

Once you’re in Quartzy, a blue banner will be displayed at the top of your page (as shown below), indicating you are in an active PunchOut session. 

If you need to add items to your lab’s shopping cart, check out the following guide: How to add items to your cart from the Quartzy Shop 


When you're ready to checkout, select the shopping cart icon, and review the item and order details in the cart.

Note: The blue BCH PunchOut banner indicates you are in a live PunchOut session.  If, at any time, the blue PunchOut banner doesn’t display and you are attempting to order through BCH PunchOut, close out of Quartzy and restart the PunchOut process in PeopleSoft.

3.  Click the Submit Purchase Request button to sync your cart to PeopleSoft. 


If your lab has a promo/discount that you’d like to use for your order, select Apply on the associated promo code (found under the Order Summary on the right side of the page). Your discount will be applied automatically! 

Then, select Submit Purchase Request to continue.  


4. Finish checking out in PeopleSoft. Your PO will need to be emailed to orders@quartzy.comQuartzy does NOT accept POs transmitted via EDI. 


Purchase Orders and Invoices

Purchase Orders

Once your PO is received to orders@quartzy.com and processed by Quartzy, the associated requests in Quartzy will auto-populate with the Purchase Order number.  



Invoices are generated as items are shipped. The invoice number will auto-populate on the associated requests once available

You can download a PDF invoice by clicking on the link if ever needed. 



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