How to apply Promo Codes when using a PunchOut for the Quartzy Shop

If your lab has a Quartzy promo code and your organization has Quartzy as a Punchout Tile in your eProcurement / purchasing system, check out the instructions below on how to make sure your promo code is applied to your order! 

1. Login to the eProcurement system and click on the Quartzy tile. You'll be redirected to your Quartzy account.

2. If your lab has a promo code available to use, you will see it in the upper right corner of your account.


3. After selecting items to purchase from the Quartzy Shop, click on the cart icon in the top right.


4. Once you're in the Cart, under the Order Summary on the right side of the page, you'll see any promo codes available. Click Apply to add the appropriate promo code to your cart. 


NOTE: A promo code is one-time use with a specified dollar amount.  To use the full value of the code you must place an order that exceeds that value. 

After you apply the promo code, check out like you normally would with a Punchout system. Instructions listed below.

5. Click the Submit Purchase Request button to send your shopping cart to your eProcurement system. 

Note: if you see a Mark Ordered button in your lab's shopping cart instead of Submit Purchase Request, double check that you began your punchout session from your ePro system instead of from Quartzy directly. The punchout session is not active unless you see a Submit Purchase Request button in the shopping cart. 



6. Complete and submit your order in your e-procurement system.  Screenshot_2023-05-25_at_2.29.32_PM.png

7. That’s it! Your Purchase Order with your promo discount applied will automatically be synced to Quartzy for fulfillment. 



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