Track hazardous chemicals in your Quartzy Inventory

Environmental Health & Safety (a.k.a. EHS, EH&S) offices not only require tracking, but they also want to make sure the hazard information is readily available to lab personnel. Quartzy is a great way to do that!

1. Add the Type Template Chemical - Hazardous to your Inventory. 

Link: Click here to learn how to add new Types.


2. Now you can either import your entire hazardous chemical inventoryor add an individual items to that Type. 


3. To view items in that Type after adding them to the Inventory, filter your inventory by Chemical - Hazardous under the Types filter on the left sidebar. 


4. To export a hazardous chemicals report to Excel, click Export and choose the option to export items which match the current filters, which you should still have selected after completing Step 3 above.



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