Import an Inventory to Quartzy via Excel

Tip: If you're importing freezer box samples, CLICK HERE for the instructions.

The Quartzy Inventory helps lab members track where things are located, amount in stock, and any important information like chemical formula, or growth medium! Here are detailed instructions for importing items via Excel.

1. From the Inventory module for your selected lab, click Import in the left sidebar. 

Note: There is no option to import when viewing All Labs.


2. Click the Download template button.


3. Copy and paste (or type directly) the item details about your inventory to the Quartzy Excel Template.

If you are copying from an existing spreadsheet, use the Paste Special > Values or Text option to transfer your existing data onto the template as this removes any special formatting from your sheet that could cause an error in the upload. 

Here are some tips to help you import your file:

  • Begin by reading the Instructions worksheet
  • Types are organized by worksheet: Check the tabs at the bottom and add items to their associated Type
  • Some fields are required: Columns marked with an asterisk (*), like Item Name, are required.  
  • Locations: When inserting item locations, start with the Location column as the highest level of organization. An error will occur if you insert a Sublocation or Location Details without a Location.
  • Add new custom fields by naming a column and pasting your data.
  • Add new Types by adding and naming a new worksheet. Copy over any column headers from an existing worksheet that you want to include in the new Type.

4. From the Import items modal, check the box to verify that you have used Quartzy's Excel template and click Upload file. Choose your saved file and your Inventory will upload!

Link: If you're having trouble with your upload, check out this helpful Troubleshooting Guide.



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  • Avatar
    Rhonda DiGiusto

    I am having trouble downloading your Excel Inventory file for uploading into the system. Would you please email me the file? Thanks, Rhonda

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Rhonda,

    Happy to assist! You should see an email from us in your inbox soon with a copy of the Quartzy Excel Template for your group. :)