Add items to the Inventory

Your Quartzy Inventory is a place where everyone in your lab can keep track of everything that belongs in it. That includes chemicals and glassware that you purchase as well as plasmids and primers you create in the lab. Keep track of everything in one central location! 

1. From the Inventory module, click Add Item


Note: If you're in multiple groups, when on the All Groups page you'll be prompted to select the Group where the item will be added.

2Type the name of the vendor who supplies the item you'd like to add. If the vendor has given us access to their catalog, when you type the catalog number, some fields on the form will auto-complete for you!

If the fields do not auto-complete, simply enter the details in the required fields manually. (Required fields indicated by a red asterisk *)

Note: Vendor and Catalog # are not required fields. Feel free to leave them blank when adding items created in lab.

3. Add/edit all other fields on the form.

4. The item Type will default to General Supply. Select a different Type from the list if it should be categorized differently. 

Link: Click here to learn how to customize Types from the Manage Groups area 

5. Click Add [Type] Details to fill out data specific to the Type. 

6. Click Add Item


Next Up: Learn how to upload inventory to Quartzy via Excel


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