Quartzy Mobile App Overview

Labs can use Quartzy's mobile app barcode scanning feature or manually search to easily update inventory counts and create requests right from a phone or tablet. 




Using the Quartzy mobile app, labs can:

Getting started

To get started, you'll first want to:  


Downloading the Quartzy mobile app

Option 1: Scan this QR code with your mobile device's camera to go directly to the Apple or Android app store on your phone. 



Option 2: Click the appropriate app store link.




Logging into your Quartzy account on the mobile app

Open the Quartzy mobile app, and login to your existing Quartzy account. You'll remain logged in unless inactive for over 7 consecutive days! 

Note: if you usually login via Google Login, use the Forgot Password? function on the Quartzy login page (on your web browser) to create a password for the mobile app. 



Barcode Scanning

The mobile app is designed to scan Quartzy-generated barcodes. Download and print barcodes to physically organize your inventory and make it easy to keep your lab's supplies stocked. Learn how to print barcodes from your Quartzy inventory


Next up: Learn how to use the mobile app barcode scanner to update inventory items

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