Use the mobile app barcode scanner to create requests

Labs can use Quartzy's mobile app barcode scanning feature to quickly create requests without leaving your bench or stockroom.

To get started, you'll first want to:  

Once those steps are taken, follow the process below to create requests using Quartzy's mobile app! 


Create requests using the barcode scanner

1. After logging in, click the Request More button. 

2. Scan the barcode using the viewfinder on your screen. If no results are found, double-check that you're in the correct lab (see the upper righthand corner). Or, use the Manual Search option at the bottom. 

Tip:  You can use the manual search screen to see your full item list. Scroll through and select what you need if you don't have a barcode! 


3.  Fill out request details and custom fields like you do on the Quartzy web application.



4. If adding a single request: after confirming your request details are correct, click the Add Request button.

If adding multiple requests: click Add & Next to add the request and go back to the barcode scanner. 


5. Your request has been created! It can now be processed (approved, ordered, etc) in the Quartzy web application.  



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