Use the mobile app barcode scanner to update inventory items

Labs can use Quartzy's mobile app barcode scanning feature to easily update inventory counts right from a phone or tablet. 

To get started, you'll first want to:  

Once those steps are taken, you can follow the process below to update your lab's inventory using Quartzy's mobile app. 


Update Inventory using the barcode scanner

1. Open the Quartzy mobile app, and login to your existing Quartzy account. You'll remain logged in unless inactive for over 7 consecutive days! 

Note: if you usually login via Google Login, use the Forgot Password? function on the Quartzy login page to create a password for the mobile app. 



2. Click the Update In-Stock Quantity button. 



3. Using the viewfinder, scan the barcode

If no results are found, use the Manual Search option

Tip:  Confirm you're in the correct lab (and select a different lab if needed) by checking the top right corner of the screen! 


4.  Select Remove or Add depending on which update you're making.


5. Tap into the Quantity field, and select the quantity that you're adding to or removing from your inventory. Then, click the Confirm button. 



6. If updating a single item, click Update. If you'd like to update another item, click Update & Next - you'll then be able to scan another barcode!


Next up: Learn how to print barcodes from your Quartzy inventory

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