Printing barcodes from your Quartzy Inventory

Use Quartzy's barcode label printing feature to organize your stockroom and easily update your lab's Inventory. Users can generate and print barcode labels instantly from their Quartzy Inventory. Scanning a barcode label allows users to: 

Read below to learn more about Quartzy barcodes and how to generate and print them for your inventory items! 


Barcode structure

  • The barcodes map to an inventory item's serial number.
  • Each printed barcode label includes useful data like an item's manufacturer (Manu), catalog number (Part #), and unit size (Size). 
  • Quartzy-generated barcodes are formatted for 2"x4" Avery labels (inkjet and laser options), with other sizes to be added in the future. Each label sheet will fit 10 barcode labels per page. 


Generating and printing barcode labels

1. Navigate to your lab's Inventory module. 



2. Use the checkboxes to select the items you want to generate barcodes for. Then, click Print Barcodes



3. Click Download. A .docx file will be downloaded to your device. Both QR codes and 1D barcodes are available options at this time 


Tip: If you have a partially used sheet of labels it can be flipped upside and reprinted!


4. Load size 2"x4" Avery labels (inkjet and laser options) into your printer. Open the quartzy_barcodes.docx file, and print your barcode labels using Microsoft Word



Next up: Learn how to search for inventory items by scanning barcodes

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