How to use Quartzy to manage orders for multiple labs

Quartzy's platform revolutionizes lab management by enabling labs to organize, buy, and track lab supplies all in one place. 

Note: If your account requires a group or lab subscription, seats are managed by Org Admins.

Order Management for multiple labs

Quartzy is designed to help you easily navigate between multiple labs you're responsible for purchasing for while keeping all order requests appropriately tracked and separated by lab.

If you would like to create multiple labs, review these instructions.

Selecting and processing requests by lab

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name and then click on the lab you're placing orders for by selecting the lab name.

all labs - 4.png

2. Review order request details and make any changes before ordering. Click the item name to open the item details panel.

  • Item description, catalog #, quantity, unit price
  • Account or Grant ID to charge for the item
  • Any notes or comments about the order or attachments (quotes, etc)


Ordering and updating the status of requests

A. For Quartzy orders, navigate to the cart icon to checkout.


Each lab cart must be processed separately. You can conveniently review and checkout another lab's cart by selecting the lab name on the left sidebar.

all labs - 3.png

Quartzy supports multiple payment methods including credit card, PO, institutional purchasing systems, and PunchOut. Select the one that fits your lab best. 

Your requests will automatically move to the Ordered status tab once ordered.

Note: Quartzy order details are automatically populated (i.e. confirmation number, PO number, etc.) with active order tracking information when it's available.

B. For external orders (i.e. orders you're purchasing from vendors directly), complete the order with the specified vendor.  Return to Quartzy to update price, confirmation number, and PO for your order and mark the requests as Ordered.

If you would like to generate a PDF or CSV export for an order, select the items you'd like to include and select "Create Req Form" or "Export to CSV".


Reviewing requests and inventory for all labs

All Labs View

As a member of multiple labs, you can use the All Labs view to review requests or inventory for all labs.

To view All Labs, select the organization or lab name at the top level.

all labs - 1.png

In the All Labs view, you can globally view requests by status, inventory across labs or access the Spend Dashboard to review a spend report across all the labs.

all labs - 2.png

Tip: Reports can be exported from the Requests or Inventory at the lab level.


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