Export selected requests

Users can easily download a specific list of requests/orders using Request Filters, without having to export their full order history. 

Here's a few examples of the types of reports/lists that can be generated using Request Filters: 

  • All requests associated with a particular Budget (Grant ID, Fund, etc)
  • All currently-backordered items 
  • All requests added by a specific person (Requester) 
  • Items purchased from a particular Vendor

Read below to learn how to generate a report of only the requests/orders you're interested in! 


Filter in the Requests module:

1. From the Requests module, search and/or filter for the orders you're looking for. 

Under the Filters on the left sidebar, you have the option to filter by Vendor, Requester, Budget (Grant ID, Project, Fund, or Account), and Type.  


Additionally, users can filter by Status by selecting one or more status from the All Requests dropdown.




Export all requests in the filtered view: 

1. Select the group whose requests you want to export on the top left side of the tool bar. Click on Export on the left sidebar.


2. Choose the option to Export requests that match the current view and filters only. Click Export File.


All requests that match your selected filters, status, and search will be exported as a CSV!


Export selected requests:

1. Click the checkboxes next to the requests you want to export, and click Export CSV. 



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