Use the Manual Search feature to find items without barcodes

Labs can use Quartzy's mobile app barcode scanning feature to easily update inventory counts or create requests from a from a phone or tablet, but there are cases where a lab hasn't printed out their Quartzy barcodes yet. In those cases use the manual search feature to scroll through your full inventory list and continue using the app.


Using the Manual Search function

1. Open the Quartzy mobile app, and login to your existing Quartzy account. You'll remain logged in unless inactive for over 7 consecutive days! 

Note: if you usually login via Google Login, use the Forgot Password? function on the Quartzy login page to create a password for the mobile app. 


2. Click Update In-Stock Quantity if you're updating inventory counts or Request More if you need to create a new request. 


3. Instead of using the viewfinder, select the Manual Search button at the bottom of the screen.


4.  You'll see a list of all the inventory items in your lab. Scroll through and select the appropriate item, no barcode required! Alternatively you can use the search bar to continue refining the list of results. 



Next up: Learn how to print barcodes from your Quartzy inventory

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