How to print Quartzy barcode labels with a label printer

Labs can use Quartzy's mobile app barcode scanning feature to easily update inventory counts and create requests right from a phone or tablet. 

Your lab may use a specific label printer such as Zebra or Dymo, instead of a desktop printer. Using a program called Label LIVE, users can print their Quartzy barcode labels with their label printer!  

Label LIVE works with any printer that supports printing PDF files; find a full list of supported printers here

Read below to learn how to print Quartzy barcodes using a label printer! 

1. Download Label LIVE

2. On the home screen of the app, click New Label 


3. Configure your label template how you see fit. Label Live user guides can be found here. 

4. Export your Quartzy Inventory. Here's how: Export your Quartzy Inventory to Excel

5.  Import your Quartzy inventory to Label Live. Here's how: Print from Excel sheet using Label LIVE

6. Once you've configured your label template and imported your Quartzy inventory to Label LIVE, you're ready to print from your label printer! 

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