Distinguish between a Quartzy order and a non-Quartzy order

Note: Only labs at US institutions can buy from Quartzy If you would like to access this feature, please email support@quartzy.com.


The Requests module allows you to keep track of the items that are ordered in your lab. If your lab is receiving quotes in the Requests module, you will be able to purchase certain items directly from Quartzy. 

If you'd like the know the status of an order placed with Quartzy, check the Purchase HistoryHowever, if the item was not ordered from Quartzy, the order details will not be listed there.

Here's how to tell if an item was ordered from Quartzy:

1. The vendor name will say Quartzy

2. You'll see a number in the 'Conf #' field that starts with "QY..."


If Quartzy is not indicated in the vendor name and there is no confirmation number, then the item was not ordered from Quartzy. If you want to know the status of that order request, please contact your group's admin or the person who places orders in your lab.


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