Send messages to lab members about requests

Ask a question or clarify something about an order using the Comments feature in the Requests module! 

1. From the Requests module, click on the name of the item where you'd like to add a comment.


2. Click Comments on the headings section or scroll until you reach that section of the details panel.


3. Click on Add a comment... and start typing your message.



Some considerations when adding comments are:

- The Requester will automatically be notified of comments on their requests

- Email notifications regarding comments are sent based on the member's Email Settings

Tip: To add someone else to the comment thread, type @ followed by their profile name to send them a notification about the message.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 9.59.04 AM.png

4. Click Save.


Adding a comment on a request will ensure that you also receive notifications for any new comments that are added!


Next Up: Learn where to view notifications for the requests you're following


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