User Tip: Using Quartzy as a Department

Are you using Quartzy to manage your lab's inventory and your whole department wants to get on board? That's awesome! Check out the instructions below that show how you can set this up.

1. Quartzy starts with individual lab groups. Create a Quartzy Lab for each separate lab if they haven't already been created.


2. Create a lab for the department, i.e. Biology Department.

3. Invite members to their individual lab and to the department lab. 


4. Add or import inventory items shared by all lab members to the department group.

The contents of each lab are not shared between labs. You must be a member of a lab in order to see the contents. What this means is that a member of one lab won't be able to see the contents of other labs simply due to the shared connection in the department lab.

Use the department lab to track materials that are shared by everyone. Maybe this is a Stockroom inventory or Core Facilities. 


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