Create a Group

A Group on Quartzy is any collection of people with whom you want to have a shared space to communicate order and inventory details. Most of the time, a Group will be a lab, but you can also make it a department or a project group!

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on All Groups (or the Group name) and then click New Group at the bottom left of the drop-down.

TIP: Click Manage in the bottom right to get to all Group management settings. 

2. Enter the Group name. Your Group will be associated with the same institution that your account is associated with unless you select a different one. Click Next

3. (Optional) Add members to your Group. You can select whether they should be invited as a Member or an Admin. Click Next.

4. Customize your Group settings. Click Create Group


Next up: Learn how to invite members to your Group


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