Use a barcode scanner to update inventory items

Quartzy users can easily generate barcode labels for their lab's inventory, which when scanned will allow users to:

  • Quickly locate inventory items in your Quartzy lab 
  • View and update item details 

Follow the steps below to get started! 


1. Get a barcode scanner. Any barcode scanner that connects to your computer or device should work.

Barcodes will also be able to be scanned using your mobile device, via the Quartzy mobile app


2. Generate and print barcode labels using the instructions found in the following guide: Printing barcode labels

3. Click into the search bar in your lab's Inventory module, and scan the item's barcode - a search will automatically be performed for that item! 


4. Click on the item name or serial number to view and/or edit the inventory item details

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    Michelle Anderson

    Could someone explain the #4 step, how does this work for editing location? Really I would like to use a barcode scanner to track items as they are used (i.e. when they are removed from stock).

  • Avatar
    David Nagib

    Yes, same question here. Is there a way to go to a shelf and scan all the barcoded bottles and put them into a folder identified as that shelf?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Michelle and David. I'm happy to explain that step some more! Your inventory can be completely customized. If you want to keep track of items and whether or not they are currently in the stock room or checked out, you can create a new custom field called "Checked out Y/N" for your Chemical Type.

    When the item is checked out, use your scanner to scan the item and find it in Quartzy (step 3). Then edit the item details in Quartzy and add a "Y" to the "Checked out" field. You can easily see which items are checked out or in stock by keeping those fields correct and up to date. You must edit those fields manually to keep them accurate so staying on top of your inventory is essential. :)

    Hopefully this further explanation is helpful, but feel free to email if you have a question specific to your lab and we can help you out there!

  • Avatar
    Robert Burns

    Can an option be made for a custom field type to be editable in the "list" like quantity. Or perhaps a list selection available in a similar manner. I would envision the checkout field you mention to be this way- drop down or editable to be Y /N or even a project #. Using a scanner to bring up the record, make the edit on "checkout" and move the next item.... This would be a solution to having to edit the entire record and also control access to record editing.

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Robert. Thanks for your comment! Only Quantity can be edited on the main Inventory page, but adding and ability to edit other fields from these could be very useful! You might be able to edit items faster from that page rather than having to go to the item editing page.

    I'm going to share this idea with our engineers so they can consider adding this in the future. I'll also pass along your idea of increasing admin control to allow for the editing of only certain inventory fields. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Marc Nadeau

    Was thinking of using QR codes instead of barcodes for the inventory of items within Quartzy. I noticed that each item has it's own website; i.e. If I embedded the item link in the QR code can I count on that link remaining consistent over time?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Marc,

    Good question! That link will remain the same as long as the item remains in your inventory. The Quartzy serial number and the item URL are 2 good ways to track each item by a unique identifier.

    Please note that the user must be logged in and have access to the right group in order to access the link to the item from the QR code. Feel free to post further questions here or email Thanks!

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    Rick Fear

    Have starting using Quartzy, and so far it looks brilliant. We are looking into using barcoding our products with the Quartzy generated serial numbers. Our Lab Tech has an ipad that she uses to log inventory. Is it possible to use a barcode reader app to search for products?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for adding your question here! With the way the search works right now, you have to put the cursor in the inventory search bar and then use the barcode scanner to get the text for the barcode number into the bar to be searched. As long as a number can make its way to the search bar, you can use whatever is easiest!

    We don't have any integrations with apps in the way you described, but our product team can definitely look into developing something like that. If there is a way to make it even easier to find and edit the items in your inventory, hopefully we can find a way to make that happen.

    We will be sure to update this page if there are any further developments on this. :)

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    Christina Schlaht

    I've read the above comments and I still don't understand how you use a bar code scanner to search for an item in Quartzy. Do you have to have both the hand-held bar code scanner and your computer in front of you for this?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Christina,

    That's correct. The barcode scanner should be connected to the computer and the mouse cursor should be in the Search box on the Inventory page. When you scan the barcode, you will be putting the text corresponding to that barcode into the search box. Then you hit 'Enter' to search for that barcode in the items in your inventory.

    This means that you must also have that barcode text in one of the fields for the items in your inventory. Check out this support article to learn more about that.

    If you need any further clarification on using barcodes and scanners with Quartzy, please email and we'll be happy to assist you there. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Todd Hillman


    From reading over this, I think my question is answered, but I want to verify. So using a bar code and scanning system, to change the quantity of an item, you would need to have the computer with you so that you can search for the item, by having the cursor in the text field, scan the bar code, and then use the computer to edit the quantity?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Todd,

    You've got it! The barcode information must already be associated with the item in your Quartzy inventory in a custom field and then you'll be able to just search for that number by scanning the barcode. Feel free to reply here or email with any additional questions. :)

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    Angela Tan

    Barcodes are great!
    I was wondering if there was a way to generate a list of items instead of search one by one (the first item is removed when the second search is performed) if you want to "check out" a few items at a time or modify the quantity of a few items at once

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Angela,

    Here are some instructions you can use when you want to edit multiple items at one time within the Quartzy Inventory: Edit multiple items at once in the Inventory

    Currently, all the items you select have to be displayed on the same page at the same time so I definitely see the benefit of the request you made where you can select an item, search for more and add to the current selection. Since this isn't available right now, I added the idea to the feature request list for our Product Team. When this is developed in the future, we'll be sure to let all users know. :)

    Edited by Monica Lovoi
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    Just having a look through your system. Is there a way of using the barcode on the packet to scan in so all the lot number/expiry dates etc will be added automatically? And would that work for multiple lot numbers/expiry dates on the same product?
    Also, when removing the item from stock to in use, is it possible to just scan the barcode and tell the system you are taking, say, 20 packs of 10?



  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Simon,

    Sorry for the delayed response! I see you ended up emailing us at, but I wanted to respond here as well. :)

    It is not currently possible to autofill product information by scanning a barcode within Quartzy. This is definitely a great example of how we can improve our barcode integration, and we'll be sure to update this page as well if we develop these changes!

    For the time being, you will need to scan and search for any existing items using the search bar, following the process described above, in order to manually change the Amount in Stock.

    We commonly receive feedback that automatically updating the Amount in Stock would be a great programmable result for scanning barcodes, and we'll keeping this in mind when we decide to further develop our barcode feature. :)