Edit inventory items

Keeping your lab's Inventory up to date can be a hard job, but not with Quartzy! The Group Admin can choose to allow everyone in the group to edit the Inventory so your lab can work together to keep things updated. Follow the directions below to see how to edit inventory items.

1. From the Inventory module, click on the name of the item you want to edit. 

2. Make changes to any editable field in the item details panel that slides out from the right. Changes are saved automatically!

Important: Changing the Type for an item will remove all of the data in the custom fields.   

3. Click the copy icon in line with some of the data fields to quickly copy the text in that field to paste elsewhere. 


4. Use the headings bar to quickly jump to the section with the details you'd like to edit. 

Note: The Serial # is automatically generated by Quartzy and is not editable.

Tip: If you need to edit multiple items at once, click on the row of the first item and make any changes. Click on row of the next item you need to edit and the item details panel will automatically be scrolled to the section you were previously on!


Next Up: Learn how to edit your Inventory via Excel


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