Edit inventory item details via Excel

You can edit multiple Inventory items either offline using Excel or directly in Quartzy. See instructions below for how to edit items using Excel!

1. From the Inventory module, click on Export

Note: There is no option to export the Inventory when viewing All Groups.


2. You can choose to either download the entire group's inventory or just the items that match the filters and search currently activated in the Inventory Table. Click Export File.


3. Edit the items in the downloaded Excel document.

Ways you can edit your Inventory in Excel:

  • Edit the data in all fields that are not greyed out.

    Note: Cells are greyed out when you do not have permission to edit them. Quartzy uses the Serial Number to find existing items and save the changes you made, therefore that field cannot be edited.

  • Add new inventory items by inserting data below the existing items on the appropriate Type worksheet. The Item Name column is a required field. 
  • Add new custom fields by inserting a column and pasting your data.
  • Add new Types by adding and naming a new worksheet. Copy over the column headers from an existing worksheet that you want to include in the new Type.

4. From the Inventory module, click on Import.


5. Check the box that verifies that you used the Quartzy Excel template and upload your saved file. 


All files that were attached to existing inventory items will remain attached to those items after your changes are uploaded. No need to reattach!


Next Up: Learn how to delete multiple items at once using the Quartzy Excel template


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