Managing Lab Budgets

Budgets can be associated with individual requests in Quartzy. Lab Admins can add Budgets to the lab from the Approvals page, to easily keep track of spending. Read below to learn how to add and manage Budgets in your lab! 


Add, customize, and delete Budgets

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name and then click the gear icon to select the lab where you want to make changes. 


2. Select the Lab on the left sidebar and click the Approvals tab.


Note: Only lab Admins are able to add and manage Budgets. Members can view, but not edit Budgets.

3. Under Setup Part 1, select a label for your budgets from the Budget Type dropdown menu. You can select between Grant ID, Project, Fund, and Account. Only one budget label may be selected for each lab. 


4. Click Add a new budget and enter the Budget name.

Select an owner for the budget from the dropdown menu (optional). Budget owners can be either Admins or Members. Learn how to route approvals to budget owners here: Custom Approvals - How to set up common approval workflows

Continue to add as many budgets as your lab needs! 


5. You can choose to make this field mandatory using the Make field required checkbox. If made required, users cannot add requests without populating the budget field. 



6. If needed, Budgets can be deleted by clicking the trash icon next to the Budget name. Deleting a Budget from the Approvals tab will not remove it from any existing requests -  the deleted Budget will just no longer be selectable for new requests going forward. The deleted Budget will also remain searchable in your Requests module, so that you can still easily access all requests and orders associated with that Budget. 



Next Up: Learn how to filter by Budget and generate a Spend Report


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