Generate a Requisition/PO Form from the Cart

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy If you would like to access this feature, please email

After accepting a quote or adding a request from the Shop, add items to the Cart and complete the following steps when your lab requires the use of a Requisition Form or PO to place orders.

1. Click on the cart icon in the top right of the toolbar to view your pending orders.


2. Click Create Requisition Form


3. Choose your department's form from the Requisition Form Template drop-down. Fill out all required details and click Create Requisition Form. 

Note: We have made custom requisition forms for these institutions. If you do not see your form, please email


4. Send the requisition form to your Purchasing Department as you normally would. 

5. If the Lab is set to the "Other" payment method, check the box indicating that you have submitted the items to your purchasing department and click Mark Ordered to notify the requester that the order has been placed.


Your order will be fulfilled once Quartzy receives a PO via email or fax. The person who submitted the order will receive an email confirming the purchase and then additional emails when the order is on its way!


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