How to send Quartzy a PO

If you selected to purchase an item through Quartzy using a PO, check out the details below on how to send us a PO.  

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email

1. Complete your order in Quartzy.

2. To ensure POs are processed without error, include the following information:

  • Quartzy Quote # (starts with EQ...) for each item in the Item Description field on the PO.
  • Unit Price and Quantity for each item (as shown in Quartzy)
  • The Billing and Shipping addresses

The Quote # can be found in the Cart...


or in the item details panel...


3. Send the PO to

4. Your order will be processed once Quartzy receives your PO. The person who submitted the PO will be notified via email of its receipt.

Important: Remember to include your lab's Account Number on the PO.

5. See important address information below.

Mailing Address:

28321 Industrial Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545

Remittance Address: 

Quartzy Inc.

Dept. 3895

PO Box 123895

Dallas, TX 75312-3895


Have a Promo Code? 

If your lab is required to use an external checkout system where Quartzy orders are entered, include the promo code when adding it in that system. We must see the promo code on the PO in order to apply the discount to the order, so please make sure it is somewhere easily noticed.

The PO should be for the FULL AMOUNT of the order. Quartzy's Fulfillment Team will apply the discount to the order when the PO is processed. 


Need to Expedite your items?

1. Use the Cart to select the expedite option if it is available.

2. If an item does not display an option to expedite, it may still be possible! Email the expedite request to along with the Purchase Order. List the Catalog # and Quote # for each item.

3. Quartzy's Fulfillment Team will reply via email to confirm if expediting is possible for the requested items and to include the additional shipping costs to get confirmation before placing the order.


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