Manage Labs - Locations

Quartzy has implemented several functions that can help you clean up and manage all levels of item locations. 

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name and then click the gear icon to select the lab where you want to make changes.


2. Choose the Locations tab. 


3. The list in the left column contains all locations for items in the Lab. Click on a Location and all associated Sublocations will appear to the right. 


4. In this section you can: 

Add new locations: 

Click on Add Location, type in the name of the new location and click the Save button.


Add new sublocations: 

Click on + Sublocation and select the format - Shelf or Freezer Box (freezer box sublocations will be an interactive grid) - for the sublocation. Type in the name and click the Save button. 

Link: Click here to learn how to create sublocations for your freezer inventory.

Change the name of a Location: 

Click on the name of the location you want to change. The name will then change to an editable text field on the right side where you can enter a new name. All changes will be saved automatically upon clicking out of the field! 

Change the name of a Sublocation:

Click on the pencil icon to the right of the Sublocation name. Edit the name and click the Save button. 

Move Sublocations from one Location to another: 

Click on the pencil icon to edit the Sublocation. Choose a Location from the drop-down list and click Save. 



Next Up: Learn how to edit the locations for multiple items at once using Excel


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  • Avatar
    Chris Chow

    How do you move an Item in Inventory from one location to another?

  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Chris,

    Great question! To move an item, you can simply edit the Location field within the details of that Inventory item! To do this, you can head to the Inventory table, and follow these instructions:

    Feel free to email us at with any other questions!

  • Avatar
    Anthony Apodaca

    Can you move an Item in Inventory from one lab location to another lab location without editing/export/importing an Excel file?

  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for reaching out with your question! If you have two separate Quartzy Labs, it is only possible to transfer items between them using Excel.

    If you have additional feedback about why this transfer feature would be helpful, please let us know via Thanks!