Group requests under one PO #

Group items under one PO # so you can easily search for requests and orders and check their statuses.

1. From the Requests module, select requests from the same vendor you want to group under one PO # and click Group into PO.  


2. Enter the PO#If you're using our PO auto-generator tool, the PO field will be grayed out until you select "Create PO" when it will automatically generate for you.

You can select the Payment Terms, Notes, attach files, and track fees.  When the form is complete, select Create PO.

Group into PO.png

3. Exit the window or choose an order tracking option provided:

  1. For Quartzy orders:
      • If you use the "Other (e.g. eProcurement, etc.)" payment method, you can select the "Mark As Ordered" button and your requests will move to the "Ordered" tab.  Our order management team will automatically update your requests with your PO number when we receive it from your purchasing team. 
      • If you use the PO checkout method, exit the Purchase Order Details window and navigate to the cart.  Your PO number will automatically populate in the PO field and allow you to checkout. 
  2. For external orders, you can "Mark as Ordered" in this window to advance your requests to Ordered status.
  3. Generate a PDF document to share externally.Group into PO - 2.png



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