Refunds and Returns FAQ

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We understand that items may need to be returned from time to time. If the wrong item was delivered, it arrived broken, or you simply decide you no longer need it, Quartzy's Fulfillment Team will do their best to help facilitate a return or refund with the supplier!



How do I know if an item can be returned before I buy it?

Most items shipping from Quartzy's Fulfillment Center are eligible for return. Click the Ships from Quartzy toggle in the Shop or view the Q box icon in the quote to determine if the item is coming from Quartzy's warehouse.

All items shipping from elsewhere are subject to that supplier's return policy. Please note the supplier that is listed and go to their website to review their return policy.


Which items cannot be returned?

Please refer to the supplier's website to view the policy for returns on individual items. In general, items that cannot be returned are Sterile, Hazardous, or Temperature Sensitive. 


Which items can be returned?

Quartzy's Fulfillment Team will do their best to facilitate a return to whichever supplier an item came from. We will always work to provide a return and refund when items are damaged, the wrong item ships, or there is a performance issue with the product you received. 


Will there be a restocking fee for the item I return?

Restocking fees are commonly added to returned items. They usually range between 5-25% of the item cost, but can sometimes be as high as 40% of the cost of the item. 


How do I start the return process?

Send an email to with the following information:

  • QY confirmation #
  • Catalog #
  • Reason for the return
  • Any pictures or images of the item related to the reason for return

A member of Quartzy's Fulfillment Team will review your request and reply to your email with next steps. 


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