Export order history from a SciQuest eProcurement Platform to import to Quartzy

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These instructions were taken from BearBuy, the eProcurement Platform used at UCSF and Berkeley, but they will also work at many other institutions.

Please note, not all institutions will allow you to export your old orders as "transactions" into a spreadsheet. If your purchasing system belongs to SciQuest* (check this list to see if it does), you should be able to do this export. Just substitute your purchasing system's name for BearBuy!


Here's how to export:

1. Login to BearBuy and hover over the Documents icon on the left.


2. Click Search Documents.


3. From the drop-down, select Purchase Order and click Go.


4. You should see a list of many purchase orders. If some names don't look familiar, then filter for your or any other person's name in the Requester box. This can be organized by lab, department, or only give you your own orders, depending on your institution.


5. Once you see a list of purchase orders that looks familiar, click Export Search.


6. Give the exported file a name, and select Transaction Export from the dropdown. DO NOT select Screen View.


7. Click Submit Request and then close the window.

8. Go back to the icon in step #1 above and click Download Export Files.


9. Find the file (it will be a .zip file) and download it to your computer. Depending on how many records you have, it may take a few minutes for the system to generate the .zip file, which will contain several spreadsheets of information.


10. Transfer this data to our Import Template, and upload them to your Lab! Alternatively, email your spreadsheets to support@quartzy.com and we will upload them to Quartzy as order histories to allow for seamless reordering!


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