Request items from the order history

You can easily search through your old requests, and select an item to request for reordering! 

To request one item:

1. From the Requests module, click on the row to open the request details panel.

2. Click Request Again

3. Confirm and edit the information for that item on the request form. Take special note to enter the correct unit size, unit price, and quantity.

4. Click Add Request.


To request one or more items:

1. From the Requests module, check the box next to the item(s) you want to request, click the Request Again button.

2. Confirm and edit the information for that item in the request form. 

3. Click Add Requests

Your requests will be added to the New status for the Group and the Admin(s) will be notified to take further action on it.


Next Up: Learn how to add a request from the Inventory


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