Set up reminders to reorder items

Not all items in your Inventory will have an expiration date. So instead use the Expiration Date field as a reminder to reorder commonly ordered supplies!

For example, indicate that nitrile gloves expire in 1 month, and set an email reminder 1 week before, to remind yourself to reorder gloves.                                    




For this workaround, if you want to retain original information about the expiration date of the item, follow the instructions in the link below to create a custom field to store the actual expiration date.

Tip: Create custom fields to store additional information about your inventory items.


Next Up: Learn how to customize Inventory columns to include the reorder date


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    Philip BADAWOL

    Hay Sylvie,

    Firstly, thank you to Sylive, my good friend Adam Regelmann and rest of the team at Quarrtzy for have this great site. Now to your question, most institutions and researchers in industrialized nations, know the folks ordering and reordering lab consumables; especially sensitive chemicals that are monitored by environmental agencies and governments. The constant correspondence between customs for clearance, permits, etc put a lot of strain and time into ordering thus re-ordering is defiantly unidentifiable.

    with technological advancement as new Apps, plus a couple of bright scientists like you folks, the situation is a think of the past.

    We in third world nations find that Quartzy has hit the nail on the head  and thus congratulate you for all that and support plus encourage that you to work on the automation phase.


    Keep up the great work.

    Philip BADAWOL

    Department of Applied Sciences_Applied Chemistry Section

    PNG University of Technology

    Papua New Guinea


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    Helene Jaccard


    A must would be to have like the expiration date field a threshold quantity under which items would be reorder or a reminder sent to the lab's admin.

    This would be very usefull in my case.

    Best regards.

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    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Helene. Thanks for your comment! I like that idea and will share it with our engineers and we may be able to add in a feature for automatic threshold quantity notifications in the future.

    In the meantime, you can add a custom field - - for threshold quantity and when a group member goes to edit the quantity, they can check that field on the item page and if it has fallen below that level, they can request that item directly from there. :)