Customize the columns displayed in the Inventory

You can customize the Inventory Table so that you see the most important columns of data. This only affects your view of the Inventory, not the view of others in the lab, so everyone can create their own personalized view!

Display columns for All Types:

1. From the Inventory module, click on the gear icon to the right of the column headers.


2. Click the checkboxes next to all of the standard fields you would like displayed. Your Inventory view will automatically update! 


Display columns for specific Types:

Note: You have to be viewing a selected group to display columns for specific Types.

1. From the Inventory module, select a group and filter your items by Type.

2. Click the gear icon to the right of the column headers.

3. Select all standard fields as well as custom fields that you would like displayed for that Type. Your Inventory view will automatically update!  

Note: Changing the display view for specific Types will not affect the display view that you previously made for All Types.


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