Applying Promo Codes when using credit card or PO checkout method to order from Quartzy Shop

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email

If your lab has a Quartzy promo code and your lab uses credit card or PO checkout method, follow the instructions below to make sure your promo code is applied to your order!

1. In your Lab Settings, set the preferred payment method for your Lab either to Credit Card or PO.


2. Select items to purchase from the Shop and click on the cart icon in the top right.


3. Under the Order Summary on the right side of the page, click Apply below the promo code.


NOTE: Promo codes are single-use and can only be applied to a single lab's cart.  To maximize the value of your promo code, your cart total should match or exceed the promo code value.


4. Confirm the promo code has been applied and the amount was subtracted from the cart total.  Click Checkout.

5. An order confirmation email will be sent, and your Quartzy confirmation number (starts with QY) will be added directly to the request(s) in your Quartzy account. 


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