Quartzy Serial Number FAQs

Quartzy will automatically assign each inventory item a unique serial number. Read on below to learn more about how serial numbers work and how they're used! 


Where can I find an item's serial number?

The serial number for an inventory item can be found in the Inventory table: 


Or in the Item Detail Panel: 



What are serial numbers used for in Quartzy?

Quartzy serial numbers are used as a unique identifier for each entry in a lab's inventory module. When you use Excel to make changes your inventory in bulk, the importer uses the serial numbers to match the items on your Excel file to the items in your Quartzy lab, so that the correct items are updated or deleted. 



Quartzy serial numbers are also used to generate barcode labels for your inventory items! 


Can I edit a Quartzy serial number?

No - Quartzy serial numbers cannot be edited, nor deleted. 


Can I use my own serial numbers?

If you'd like to use your own serial numbers in addition to Quartzy's serial numbers, you can create a custom field to store those serial numbers. 


What if I find duplicate serial numbers? 

Follow the instructions outlined in the linked Help Center page to fix duplicates: How to fix Duplicate Serial Numbers in Inventory


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