Org Management - Custom Request Fields

Note: This feature is currently available to Organizations on the Professional and Enterprise plans

Custom request fields can be used for tracking anything related to your Organization's ordering process, like financial data or project codes. They can be created by any Organization Admin. The fields created will be available and identical for every Lab in your Organization, and they will even be included on your Spend Reports when you export via Excel

Common use cases

  • Tracking which project a request is associated with
  • Recording accounting data like department, class, or cost center
  • Creating a "Date Required By" field
  • Adding a "Request Purpose" or "Order Justification" field

See an example of what custom request fields look like on a request form below: 



Read on to learn how to create and use custom request fields for your Org!

How to create custom request fields

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name to open the list and then click the gear icon next to the Org Name

Important: Only Org Admins are able to view and access the Organization Management section. If you are not an Org Admin, you will not see a gear icon next to the Org Name. 

2. Navigate to the Custom Fields tab. 


3. Add your field details in the Field Setup section.

  • Field Name: add a title for your custom field. 
  • Field Type: this is the format for your field. Format options are Text, Single Select (aka dropdown menu), Checkbox, and Date. 
    • Field Option (Single Select or Checkbox formats only): add the selection options for your field. 


    • Text Field Type (Text format only): select from Single Line, Paragraph, Number (only number characters can be entered), or Email (requires a valid email address to be completed).


4. In the Field Location section, select whether the field should be optional or required, as well as where the field should be displayed

  • Request Form: these options affect the Add Request form that lab members fill out when submitting a request. request_form_custom_field_required_optional.png 
    • Do Not Show: the field will not be shown or able to be filled out in the Add Request form, but can be seen and edited in the item's detail panel (get here by clicking the Item Name). It will automatically be considered an optional field. 
    • Optional: the field will be available on the Add Request form, and users can submit a request without completing the field. 
    • Required: the field will be available on the add Request form, with a red asterisk denoting it's a required field. Users cannot submit a request without completing all required fields. required_custom_request_field.png
  • Request Table: select between the field being displayed in the Details column of the Request table, or only being displayed in the item's detail panel. request_table_CRF_location_.png
    • Do Not Show: the field will not be displayed in the Details column of the Requests table, but can be seen and edited in the item's detail panel (get here by clicking the Item Name). 
    • Displayed: the field name and its value will be displayed in the Details column of the Requests table. CRF_details_column.png

5. Click the blue Create Field button to save your custom field. 


Add requests with custom fields

Once you've created custom request fields, they'll show up on the Add Request form for any new requests (unless Do Not Show is selected in the Request Table dropdown when creating the field). Custom fields will be found in the "Add request details" section of the request form. Click into the field to add details, which will be saved automatically as soon as you click out of that field. 



Edit requests with custom fields

Custom fields can be filled out and edited after a request has been made. Click on the item name in the Requests table to open the item's detail panel, and navigate to the Custom Fields section. Click into the field to edit details. Your changes will be saved automatically as soon as you click out of that field. 



Note: Required fields must be filled out before you can close the request detail panel. Any existing requests that were added before the required custom field was added, will require the new field to be populated next time that request is opened. 


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