Export a Spend Report

If you're halfway through the fiscal year or all the way at the end and want to know how much you've spent, customize and export request details to an Excel spreadsheet. 

1. Select the lab you'd like to generate a report for from the menu in the upper lefthand corner.


2. From the Requests module, start by using the Status Navigation Bar and selecting from the Filters to customize your view.

Click Export.

Link: CLICK HERE to learn more about how to filter requests.


Note: If your lab purchases supplies from Quartzy, use the Quartzy Items Toggle to view just items purchased from Quartzy!

3. Choose from the following exporting options and then click Export File.

(A) Only export requests that match the current view.


(B) Export requests submitted within a certain date range AND match the current view.


(C) Export all requests submitted in a certain date range regardless of current view.



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