Org Management - Billing

Manage your organization's Quartzy Subscription from the Billing page. Upgrade your plan, add a credit card, and add or remove seats all from this page! 


1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name to open the list and then click the gear icon next to the Org Name.

Important: You must be an Org Admin to access the Manage Organization page.


2. From the Manage Organization page, select the organization on the left sidebar and then select the Billing tab.



3. View your org's Subscription Plan, Billing Cycle, and Next Payment at the top of the Billing tab page. 



4. Fill in the Email For Invoices with the email address for the recipient who should receive invoices related to software payments.


5. View the Billing history and click the download arrow icon to download your invoices and receipts.



Adding Seats

If you pay for your subscription via Credit Card, click the Manage Plan button


Next, select the total number of seats you'd like to have, then click Checkout


The seats will be added and lab Admins can then invite new users to occupy the new seats. 


To pay via a PO, click the Pay With PO button after you've selected the new total number of seats you want in your subscription.

po seat addition.png


Next, enter your billing information, including the PO number, and click Next.

po seat next CTA.png


You can download a copy of the order form if you'd like. To finalize the subscription, click the checkbox to agree to the terms and click Subscribe.



Next Up: Learn how to manage organization members


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