Promo Codes FAQ

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email


Where can I get a promo code?

Quartzy will make promo codes available to users in multiple ways - via email, pop-ups in your account, and more! Please carefully review the rules and restrictions for each promo code to ensure you understand which purchases it can be applied to.


How do I apply a promo code when I checkout with a Credit Card or PO number?

During checkout, enter the code into the Promo Code field above the order total and click Apply. Your order total will be recalculated to account for the discount. From there, continue the checkout process as usual.



How do I apply a promo code when I purchase supplies from Quartzy using an external payment system (ERP, eProcurement, Req Form)?

If your lab is required to use an external checkout system where Quartzy orders are entered, include the promo code when adding it in that system. The Quartzy Order Processing Team must see the promo code on the PO (sent to to be able to apply the discount to the order so please make sure it is somewhere easily noticed.

Link: See complete instructions for applying a promo code when using an eProcurement system here.


How many promo codes can be applied to an order?

Only 1 promo code can be applied to an order.


How many times can I use a promo code?

Promo codes are one-time use. If you receive a promo code as part of a promotion that indicates it is for a certain dollar amount, in order to use the full value of the code you must place an order that matches or exceeds that value. 


What if I forget to apply a promo code during checkout? Can it be added later?

No. If the promo code is not in the system when your order is placed, it cannot be applied to an order retroactively. If you are unsure if a code was applied and would like to check on the status, you can email and Quartzy's Fulfillment Team can help.

Note: For labs set to the "Other" payment method, Quartzy may be able to add a promo code after your items have been marked as Ordered, but only if the PO has not yet been processed.


I encountered an error when entering a promo code. What do I do?

Send an email to Be sure to include the promo code and catalog numbers for the items in your Cart and our Support Team will be able to assist you.


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