View the update history for inventory items

Every time an item in the Inventory is updated, the history of who made that update is reflected in the History section! 

1. From the Inventory module, click on the Item Name.


2. Click History to quickly jump to that section of the details panel.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 10.59.26 AM.png

3. View the date for each of the available changes:

  • Item added - The date and person who first added the item to the Inventory.
  • Item updated - The date and person who last edited any of the item details.
  • Item received - The date that the item was last marked as Received from the Requests module. 

Note: When a request is marked as Received and the "Update existing item" option is selected, the updated date will match the received date.


Next Up: Learn how to mark requests as Received and either add new items or update existing items in the Inventory


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