Purchase from Quartzy using a Purchase Order

Note: Only labs at US institutions can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email support@quartzy.com.


If your lab is receiving quotes in the Requests module, you will be able to purchase certain items directly from Quartzy. Follow the steps below to purchase using a Purchase Order:

1. Accept the quote and add the item into the Cart

2. Click on the cart icon in the top right of the toolbar to view your pending orders.


3. Review the items and click Checkout.


4. Enter the Shipping address or select a saved address. Click Continue.

Important: The ATTN field is required and has a 15 character limit.


5. Enter the PO #. This number will automatically become associated with the original request!


6. Enter your Billing address and click Continue.


7. Review your order and click Place Order.


8. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and then additional emails when your order is on its way!


Next Up: Learn how to setup a standing PO with Quartzy


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    Christine Harvey-Cronin

    When purchasing through Quartzy, are we billed once or separately by vendor and by Quartzy?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Christine,

    Great question! When purchasing from Quartzy, you will only be billed by Quartzy. The items in an order may be split into multiple invoices, if the items ship at different times.

    If you have any other questions about this, or about your specific purchasing requirements, feel free to email us at support@quartzy.com!