Inventory - Advanced Search Operators

Quartzy allows you to store an unlimited number of items in the Inventory module. Use the instructions described in this article to help you perform the best searches and always find what you're looking for!

Search Operators

  • Search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with quotation marks.


  • Prefixing a word with `-` excludes results with that word.


  • Using a pipe operator ( | ) between words means OR. 


  • Using a `+` or a space means AND.


  • If you need to search for some text that also has a search operator located within it (like +, -, or |), prefix that operator with a \ symbol. 



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  • Avatar
    Xavier Tsai

    Hello there,
    i just found this awesome website and try to be familiar with it. I do have a question regarding advance search.

    Is it possible to have a wild-card search using * mark.
    For example, i would like to search lot# 123ABC.
    I can use *ABC or 123*, even *3AB* to obtain the same result. Sometimes the lot number is just annoyingly long, SCHE51584DEFDT4324FG. To save more time, i just typed *4FG and i can obtain the result i wanted. Hope this can be introduced in the future. Or if i have missed the FAQ, please kindly provide the link at your convenince. Thank you very much. i'd appreciate your help.


  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Xavier,

    Welcome to Quartzy! :)

    Currently, these are the only Advanced Search Operators that we offer for our search feature. We've received this feedback to add the wildcard search, so I've added a vote to this feature request on your behalf!

    Additionally, I'll be sure to follow up here when we've added this ability to search for an item by any part of the word. :)

    Please don't hesitate to email us at if we can help you get set up with Quartzy!