Purchase from Quartzy at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) using Punchout

Quartzy is an approved vendor and has a Punchout integration with BCM! Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to purchase from Quartzy using Punchouts. 

There are two sections below: one set of instructions for how to add order requests, and another for Lab Admins on how to place orders

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find additional resources on how to join and utilize Quartzy in your lab! 


How to add Requests 

  • Lab Members: Start from Quartzy
  • Lab Admins (Purchasers): Start from Jaggaer (SciQuest) 
    • Login to the BCM Jaggaer procurement system, and navigate to the Showcases section. Scroll and click on the Quartzy tile
      • Once in Quartzy, you can add requests following the guide above.

Lab Admins - How to place a Quartzy Punchout order in BCM's Jaggaer system

1. Login to the BCM Jaggaer/SciQuest procurement system, and navigate to the Showcases section. Scroll and click on the Quartzy tile.


2. You'll be redirected to your Quartzy account if you're logged in, or to the Quartzy login page if you're not currently logged in. Once logged into Quartzy, you'll see a Punchout Session banner at the top of your page.

Navigate to your lab's shopping cart. 

BCM -2 .png

If you have a Quartzy promo code available in your cart, follow these instructions to apply your promo code on your Quartzy Punchout order.

3. Click the Submit Purchase Request button to send your shopping cart to Jaggaer. 

Note: if you see a Mark Ordered button in your lab's shopping cart instead of Submit Purchase Request, double check that you began your punchout session from the BCM Jaggaer system instead of from Quartzy directly. The punchout session is not active unless you see the banner at the top of the page, and a Submit Purchase Request button in the shopping cart. 



4. In Jaggaer, enter your commodity codes and Proceed to Checkout.  Complete the remaining steps to submit your order to your purchasing department.  That’s it! 

Once approved in your procurement system, the Purchase Order is automatically synced to Quartzy for fulfillment.


Purchase Orders

All order information, such as the PO number and Quartzy confirmation number (starts with QY), is automatically updated on the associated requests in your Quartzy lab.




Items are invoiced once they ship, on a line-by-line basis. The final invoice for an order will contain the shipping and handling fees for ALL line items on the order. Invoices are synced automatically to Jaggaer via cXML! 


The invoice number will auto-populate on the associated requests as well (clicking the link will download the invoice pdf). Invoices can also be downloaded from your lab’s Purchase History section. 





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