Edit the Type of your Inventory items

Types in Quartzy are the categories of items you want to track in your lab. Your inventory might include things like Chemicals that you purchase for the lab and it may also have Cell Lines or other things you create in lab that you want to keep track of. 

When moving an item from one Type to another, only information in the Standard Fields will transfer. If you want to transfer information from the Custom Fields, use the instructions below!

1. Export your inventory to Excel by clicking Export on the left sidebar. 


2. Open the Excel file, find the item(s) you want to edit, and change the "N" to a "Y" in the "Delete (Y/N)" column for the items you want to move. When you re-upload the file, that item will be deleted from that Type.


3. Copy over all the item details and paste them on the Type worksheet that you want to add the item(s) to.

Example: Original Type = General Supply to move to Equipment

A. Copy item details (excluding the "Serial Number" and "Delete Y/N columns") in the General Supply worksheet.


B. Paste item details into the Equipment worksheet under the appropriate Standard Fields (i.e. Item Name, Vendor Name, etc.) and leave the Serial Number and Delete Y/N fields blank.  A new serial number will be automatically assigned to the item when it's uploaded into Quartzy.


4. Next, if there are any Custom Fields, copy over these details one field at a time and paste them onto the new Type worksheet.  If a field is missing, simply add the column header onto the worksheet and paste the details below. Make sure to save your changes!



5. Go back to the Inventory module in Quartzy for your selected lab and click Import in the left sidebar to upload that saved spreadsheet back to Quartzy. 


Items you want to delete will be deleted, new items will be added, and all other items that you did not touch will remain the same!  


Next Up: Learn how to manage your Types and Fields


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  • Avatar
    Elliott Hulley

    So, the only way to change things in bulk (such as the location, owner, etc.) is to delete them from the inventory and re-add them? I assume they then get new serial numbers? In which case, if we're using the serial numbers as barcode identifiers, we'd have to re-barcode everything?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Elliott. That's a really great point! When you add new items, they do get new serial numbers, even if you remove the old items.

    If you want to make sure you use the same serial numbers as you had on the original items, you can add a custom field for your own serial numbers and copy and paste the Quartzy serial numbers in to that field to continue to use with the barcodes.

    Also, our engineers are in the process of revamping the inventory editing process and being able to edit the location and owner without deleting is one of the features on the list! This page will definitely be updated once that feature is released. :)

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Thurston

    Is there a way to re-set all of the serial numbers so they start at 1 again? We are happy to export our current inventory, delete everything online and re-add everything, if the serial numbers then can be reset to start at 1 again?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Rebecca,

    Great question! The only way to restart serial numbers is by starting a new group. Otherwise, a record of all previously used serial numbers in your group will always remain in the history so that every single new item gets a unique number.

    I believe you got an email response from us in answer to this question as well which recommended creating a custom field where you can manually add your own serial numbers which can bed edited and customized to fit your needs.

    Feel free to reply here with any other questions! :)

    Edited by Monica Lovoi