Transferring box positions (1-81) to Quartzy (letter-number) format for importing freezer boxes

Your lab may describe freezer box positions listed out as numbers 1-81 for a standard 9x9 box.

If you want to import your freezer box details to Quartzy and be able to use Quartzy's interactive freezer boxes, all you need to do is transfer those numbers to the letter-number nomenclature required to do the import successfully. 

See the chart below, showing the equivalent numbering system: 

Number Quartzy Letter-Number Nomenclature
1 A1
2 A2
3 A3
4 A4
5 A5
6 A6
7 A7
8 A8
9 A9
10 B1
11 B2
12 B3
13 B4
14 B5
15 B6
16 B7
17 B8
18 B9
19 C1
20 C2
21 C3
22 C4
23 C5
24 C6
25 C7
26 C8
27 C9
28 D1
29 D2
30 D3
31 D4
32 D5
33 D6
34 D7
35 D8
36 D9
37 E1
38 E2
39 E3
40 E4
41 E5
42 E6
43 E7
44 E8
45 E9
46 F1
47 F2
48 F3
49 F4
50 F5
51 F6
52 F7
53 F8
54 F9
55 G1
56 G2
57 G3
58 G4
59 G5
60 G6
61 G7
62 G8
63 G9
64 H1
65 H2
66 H3
67 H4
68 H5
69 H6
70 H7
71 H8
72 H9
73 I1
74 I2
75 I3
76 I4
77 I5
78 I6
79 I7
80 I8
81 I9


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  • Avatar
    Levi Barse

    Is there anyway to change to using the numbers instead of the letter-number arrangement? All of our boxes are labeled numerically, especially all of our cryo-boxes.

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Levi,

    Right now, the alpha-numeric system works best since it applies to freezer boxes of all different sizes. We may consider adding the ability to customize the position system in the future so we'll be sure to update you via this page if that is developed. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Avatar
    Levi Barse

    Oh. Well that's kind of a deal breaker for our lab because all of our antibodies are located in 1-81 boxes as well as all of our liquid nitrogen containers. So, I guess until this feature is added, we won't be able to use Quartzy as it would be a lot extra work both in transferring inventories to this system and then in finding the right samples since the lids of all of those boxes all have numbers on them, not the alpha-numeric system.

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Levi,

    I'm sorry to hear that. I added you to the list of people to be notified if/when our product and engineering teams are able to add the functionality you requested. It may take some time, but we know that this would probably be useful to a number of labs. Hope it won't be too long! :)

  • Avatar
    Miguel Angel Blazquez

    Hi Monica,
    Would be possible to show in the cryo boxes the whole name instead of a portion? At least reach to max character capacity...
    Thanks and good job!

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Miguel,

    I can add that request to the list! Maybe if we change the view so that you can zoom in and out, that might be a way to allow you to see more of the item names. I'll be sure to reply here again if we make this change. :)

  • Avatar
    fatchul ramadhan

    I don't understand

  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Fatchul!

    We'd be happy to help with any confusion you have. :) If you're still unclear about the Freezer Box positions, or other aspects of Quartzy, feel free to contact us directly at!