Troubleshooting: Uploading your Inventory to Quartzy

The first step to troubleshooting your Inventory import is to make sure you have correctly followed the Inventory Import Process so take another look at the instructions. 

Below are the things that will make your import successful!

1. The file you uploaded is a ".xls" or ".xlsx" file.

2. The file you imported is the Quartzy Excel Template. 

3. You used the Paste Special > Values (Text) option when copying and pasting from another spreadsheet on to the template to avoid formatting issues.

4. You used the most current version of the Quartzy Excel Template instead of an old one. If you have an old template, click on the Import button in the Inventory and download the current template.  

5. You saved the edited template file from within Excel. Exporting and saving as Excel from another program, like Google Sheets for example, may cause import issues. 

Quartzy staff are here to help if you need any additional assistance with your import! Feel free to contact us with questions.


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