How to use Quartzy Single Sign-On (SSO): Logging in and inviting users

Note: Single Sign-On is included in the Enterprise subscription plan, or as an add-on to the Professional Plan. Contact if interested! 

Enterprise Single-Sign On (SSO) enables you to control Quartzy access from your Identity Provider (IdP), which increases the security of your data and saves your users from needing yet another password. 

If your organization has configured Enterprise SSO, the Quartzy Login and Signup pages will automatically direct you to the appropriate IdP. After authenticating in that IdP, you’ll be redirected to Quartzy. Enterprise SSO is supported on both web and mobile apps.  

You can also click on the Quartzy app tile/link in your IdP to login: 

SSO Example.png


Existing Users 

If your email address does not have an approved domain, please provide an email address with an approved domain to Quartzy, so that your account can be updated. 


With SSO, users can only send invitations to email addresses that match your org's list of approved domains.

Here's how to send a colleague an invitation to join your Quartzy lab: Add members to a Quartzy Lab 


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