How to sync data from Quartzy using Microsoft Power Automate

Quartzy users can now sync data from their Quartzy lab to other systems for easy tracking, sharing between teams, managing multiple labs data in one place, and more. 

Some common use-cases are:

  • Tracking lab expenses 
  • Tracking order deliveries 
  • Inventory tracking and auditing  
  • Data backup (sync deleted items) 
  • Managing multiple labs 

Read below to learn how to utilize webhooks and Power Automate, a Microsoft workflow automator, to configure this integration for your lab! 


  • Quartzy: Lab Admin role 
  • MS Power Automate: access to Premium connectors Screen_Shot_2023-04-19_at_10.31.29_AM.png

Read below to learn how to sync data from Quartzy to a different software/app/website using MS Power Automate!

1.  Login to Power Automate, and navigate to My flows. Click +New flow, and select Automated cloud flow.


2.  Click the Skip button on the window/modal that pops up. 

3. On the next page, go to the Built-in tab, and select the When an HTTP request is received option. 


4. In Quartzy's Webhooks Documentation, locate the webhook event that you'd like to use. In the example payload section on the righthand side, click Copy


5. Back in Power Automate, click the Use sample payload to generate schema option. 


6. Paste the sample payload in the window and click Done.Screen_Shot_2023-04-19_at_10.20.26_AM.png

7. Next, click the New Step button.


8. Configure the Action Step - select your tool (Excel Online, SharePoint, Google Sheets, etc) and then select the action you'd like to happen (ex: insert a row, add a row in a table, etc)  


9. You'll then be prompted to select the file and worksheet/tab you'd like to be updated, and map the data to the appropriate columns using Dynamic content (ex: select vendor_name for your Vendor column, etc)


10. Once you've mapped the data to the appropriate columns, click Save.Screenshot_2023-05-09_at_2.35.52_PM.png


11. Next, open the first step (titled When a HTTP request is received). Click the copy icon to copy the URL. 


12. Login to your Quartzy account, and navigate to the Manage Labs > Developers tab of the lab you're setting up the integration for. Click the Add webhook button. 


13. Name your webhook and paste the URL from Power Automate into the URL field. From the list, select the Event Type that you used in Step 4 (only one Event Type can be selected). Click Save


14. Back in Power Automate, click Save on your new flow. Your flow is now ready to go! It will activate automatically, but if needed, just click Turn Off to disable the flow. 


Next Up: Learn more about Quartzy's API and Webhooks

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